Tech 50 companies

Technology industries are developing more and more in South USA. Some of the most important and fast growing sectors are the energy sector, the biotech sector and the nanotech sector. Mobile technology companies, companies that offer internet security solutions and cutting edge software, all these are growing fast and durably in the South.

There has been a real boom of these industries in the past year and it is possibly connected to the downturn of the economy: most companies are trying to find newer ways of attracting and retaining customers. And they are mostly looking for inexpensive solutions too. The question of the day seems to be related to the best way to lower the marketing budget while increasing the consumer base constantly.

Take mobile technology, for instance: it may be just starting, but it is growing fast. Recent researches have shown that 36 mobile devices are being activated each second around the world. That.s got to be a lot as compared to the number of births per second, which has dropped to only three.

Telecommunications, interactive voice response, broadcast media and payment processing, these are just a few of the opportunities that mobile technology companies have at their disposal.

Nanotechnology is also one of the fastest growing fields. Nano science and nanotechnology affect most areas of life, but people associate them most often with computers, electronics, manufacturing and data storage devices. But not so long ago, nano technologists have succeeded in broadening the area of application of nano technology, quite impressively: nanotechnology is now used to produce various kinds of corrosive- protective coatings for machines, cars, planes and so on and so forth. Georgia nanotechnology scientists are working on applications that will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, and will help produce more efficient lithium-ion batteries. Georgia Tech is a well known world leader in nanotechnology research and design. So it is little surprising that nanotechnology is developing so fast in Georgia and around this state. There are many ongoing projects in which more than one hundred specialists from Georgia Tech are involved. And the results are expected to be pretty spectacular. The biotech industry is also growing continuously in other states, such as North Carolina. This minds hundreds of thousands of jobs and a positive impact on the national economy. Biotechnology has a large area of application: cloning, medicine, pharmaceutical products, agriculture, reducing the dependence on fertilizers and pesticides and so on and so forth.

According to the Biotechnology Report of 2006 , North Carolina, Georgia and Florida are among the top 10 American biotech centers. The south of the U.S. has more than 30 public biotech companies and more than 200 private biotech companies as well. And the progress is ongoing.